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Asian Agri, in collaboration with Tanoto Foundation, recently held a workshop for 35 teachers from 10 districts in Siak, Pelalawan, Kampar, Kuantan Singingi and Indragiri Hulu regencies. All the participants are local teaching facilitators who train other teachers to improve their teaching skills. 

The workshop was part of the Tanoto Foundation’s STEP (School Transition and Empowerment Project) program, which aims to prepare the Foundation’s partner schools to be independent in implementing programs to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

The event aimed to provide local facilitators with the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities to be used in guiding teachers who are part of the Teacher Working Group (KKG) and School Principal Working Group (KKKS).

Sri Wahyuni, STEP Coordinator in the Riau province, said that the workshop was important as the teaching facilitators have to train their fellow teachers in developing and implementing more active learning methods at their schools.

Read the full article (Bahasa) : Go Riau

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