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By December 8, 2020No Comments

As one of the companies with the largest number of partnered smallholders in Indonesia, Asian Agri is committed to improving the quality of life of smallholders and supporting sustainable palm oil management in Indonesia.

The relationship between Asian Agri and partnered smallholders is not only about the transaction between buyers and sellers of fresh fruit bunches, but is focused on improving the welfare of all smallholders through training and mentoring in the field so that smallholders’ capacity is increased and become the valuable assets of oil palm plantation industry.

In regard to improve the quality of partnership with smallholders, Asian Agri is implementing a sustainable education which provides the second generation smallholders with specific programs to enable them in managing their oil palm plantations in a sustainable manner.

This educational program begins with a week of intensive training, participated by 20 participants who are the second generation of the smallholders recommended by 12 partnered cooperatives in Pelalawan and Siak Regencies, Riau Province.

Those who take part in this educational program are children of Asian Agri partnered smallholders who have graduated from high schools. Meanwhile, the trainers or material presenters for the sustainable palm oil education, are Asian Agri personnel who are professional and experienced in their respective fields.

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