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By January 28, 2020No Comments

Palm oil as a superior commodity that also supports the nation’s economy should receive support from stakeholders.

“Some consumers have used palm oil and its derivative products without them knowing it. Throughout the day, palm is around us and is very familiar with all of us. From waking up to going to sleep again, we will be in contact with palm products,” said Maria Sidabutar, Head Communications of Asian Agri while giving a presentation at the Asian Agri media gathering at Legok Kondang Glamping, Ciwidey, West Java, Wednesday (22/01) night.

On this occasion, she also conveyed how human life is currently utilizing palm oil derivative products by showing a variety of products that use processed palm oil, such as margarine, cooking oil, chocolate jam, various snacks and even beauty products in the form of moisturizers and lipsticks.

From the various examples of products displayed, producers are still seen using the general term vegetable oil on the packaging. At the same occasion, Maria also showed some products that clearly included the word palm oil. “If we manage oil palm with the principle of sustainability and environmentally friendly, we should be proud to include it, because palm oil products are the superior products of our nation that are very beneficial for life”, she said.

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