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[Antara Jambi] Seven Villages in Jambi Join Fire Free Village Program

By September 29, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri has invited seven villages in Jambi to join the Fire Free Village Program, in an effort to prevent forest and land fires in their respective areas. 

The seven villages are Lubuk Lawas, Lubuk Bernai, Tuo Sumay, Suo Suo, Semambu, Teriti and Muara Sekalo, reported Antara News. 

“We are very proud and fully support the initiatives taken by the villages to join the Asian Agri Fire-Free Village program,” said Agus Rizal, Head of Plantation Office of Jambi Province.

Asian Agri’s Fire Free Fire Village Program started in 2016 with seven villages in Riau and two in Jambi, and helped to reduce the number of fires significantly.

The program provides education on the dangers of fire, as well as economic incentives for villages that successfully prevent burning on their land.

“The Fire Free Fire Village Program also provides technical knowledge and opportunities for villages to explore their economic potential, so the incentives given to villages that prevent fire can be utilized for the welfare of rural communities,” said Sahrul Hasibuan, Regional Head of Asian Agri in Jambi Province.

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