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Being a midwife is not easy, especially being a midwife in plantation area, of course, has its own challenges.

Lilis Anggreni and Khusniati Fadhillah, they are the midwives of the Asian Agri. Khusniati Fadhillah joined as a company midwife since 2013, while Lilis Anggreni joined as a company midwife since March 2020.

Midwife’s daily activities begins by starting their activities in the clinic since the morning, treat patients both emergency and non-emergency, and provide referrals to the hospital if the patient needs further action.

The duties of the midwife are not only assisting the delivery process, but also prenatal and postnatal processes. Starting from providing health promotion, give about healthy productive, providing Keluarga Berencana (KB) counseling, exercise together to smooth the delivery process, immunization, Integrated Health Service Post (Posyandu) dan Childcare (TPA).

Various challenges were faced, “at the beginning of my assignment, approaching the community was quite difficult, because they were generally afraid to discuss the birthing process, so they needed to be given education, now they are more open and understanding”, Lilis said.

Meanwhile, the challenges that Dhillah experienced were during the birth process, “I have had a baby who is asphyxia, baby who lacks oxygen before, during, and after delivery, but the baby can still be saved”, explained Dhillah.

Apart from providing the equipment and medicines needed for midwives’ activities, Asian Agri also involve midwives in training, this is to increase knowledge and competence as a midwife.

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