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The melody of the forest fauna can be heard clearly in Taman Raja Gardens, Jambi, when Mustakim, assistant head of PT Inti Indosawit Subur, opens the window. Fresh air also welcomed the residents of the 2,908 hectare garden this Sunday. Yes, it’s a holiday, but Mustakim is ready with his sports apparel and the running shoes that always accompany his activities on weekend mornings.


Mustakim must ensure that he and his staff remain in top condition, and what better way than by iorgansing a weekend running club. The hilly and bumpy terrain of the seven kilometer circuit in Taman Raja Gardens provides the perfect challenge.

“In order for our staff to be more productive, I have to know their strengths and weaknesses. I do this so that each individual’s potential be explored properly and correctly. One of the things I encourage is Healthy Sunday,” Mustakim said while leading the warm-up session for this Healthy Sunday session. The activities have been carried out since 2017, and also provide an opportunity to discuss ideas, challenges and solutions regarding work.

After the run, Mustakim and the Healthy Sunday members were able to enjoy the Lontong Medan, a typical Medan food. This is a combination of fried vermicelli, potato crackers, tauco, anchovies and tempeh sauce.

“After cooling down, we have breakfast together. The goal is not only to strengthen our friendship, but we also share about obstacles, or problems that have occurred during the past week.” Mustakim said.

Carrying out sports activities during these challenging times is an effort for all team members to continue working to give their best. Of course, while following health protocols mandated by the government.

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