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Asian Agri participated in the launch of Perkebunan Nusantara Corporate University in Yogyakarta on March 5, 2020. The new university offers tertiary courses in agriculture, and aims to train a new generation of farming experts in Indonesia.

Ferry D. Sinaga, Asian Agri Regional Head of North Sumatra delivered a talk on the impending transformation of planting culture. The sharing session, titled “Learning to Win the Future”, was attended by more than 200 academics from various educational institutions.

The session demonstrated Asian Agri’s commitment to managing its sustainable oil palm plantations by using the latest digital technology in plantations which enables planters to be connected with world developments in a timely manner.


Ferry explained that the nature of oil palm planters’ work has been transformed, with many tasks being converted from manual to computerised operation in the last decade.

He acknowledged that the palm oil industry is one of the leading industries in Indonesia which supplies Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and its derivative products not only to the domestic market but also the international market, and how it was therefore very important to utilise technological advancements to deliver information more transparently and to help achieve the targets.

“At Asian Agri, we provide opportunities for millennials to develop their potential by becoming skilled planters who are ready to work in modern plantations,” Ferry added.

Asian Agri implements continuous improvement (CI) in its processes, services and products, in ongoing efforts to make them more effective and efficient, he said.

“We believe that combining modern human resources and technology will be a competitive advantage in this industry that leads to market success,” Ferry said.

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