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Asian Agri today held its annual media gathering for senior editors from various media organisations in North Sumatra which took place in Ciwidey, West Java.

Maria Sidabutar, Head of Corporate Communications at Asian Agri, underscored the importance of palm oil as a major contributor to Indonesia’s economy, and the need for stakeholders to support it.

“Palm oil, a leading agricultural commodity, is used as an ingredient in most consumer products. Many consumers are still often unaware that they are using palm oil when they use its derivative products. Palm oil is very much in our daily lives, in the products that we use from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep,” she said.


Maria explained how Asian Agri responsibly implements the best practices for producing sustainable palm oil, adding that media organisations can use digital technology to disseminate messages about sustainably produced palm oil in Indonesia.

Various communication channels can be used to educate people about palm oil, including social media.

“Messages about sustainability and sustainably produced palm oil products can be delivered through photos, videos and stories. Everyone can become ambassadors for sustainably produced palm oil in Indonesia, with compelling messages and smartphones,” she said.

The event participants also had a look at how Asian Agri uses its social media platforms to craft sustainability messages in creative ways, and took part in an interactive quiz about palm oil derivative products.

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