Governance & Leadership

Dr. Tan Joon Sheong

Head of Planting Material & Development

A biosciences expert, Tan Joon Seung is actively involved in R&D work for the discovery and improvement of oil palm with important economic traits. He makes use of modern technology and different deployment tools to improve the performance and sustainability of oil palm.

Prior to joining Asian Agri in August 2020, Tan spent 10 years in Felda Global Venture, the latest as Chief Researcher for Planting Materials. He was previously the Assistant Vice President of Malaysian Technology & Development Corporation. He has collaborated with many local and international scientific communities in oil palm research and published numerous peer-
reviewed scientific journals, scientific book chapters, and patents.

Tan graduated with Honors from Universiti Malaysia Sabah in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. He received his Master of Science in Biochemistry from the National University of Malaysia in 2006 and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biosciences from the University of Nottingham in 2012.