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[Info Sawit] Asian Agri Educates Students in North Sumatra About Palm Oil Industry

By December 20, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri has once again launched the Sekolah Sawit Lestari Program, this time at SMKN 1 Silangkitang in the Labuhan Batu Selatan Regency in North Sumatra of Indonesia.

SMKN1 Silangkitang is the fifth school which has collaborated with Asian Agri in implementing the Sekolah Sawit Lestari Program thus far.

The said program aims to introduce the potential of palm oil to the younger generation who lives in the vicinity of the company’s area within the Labuhan Batu Selatan Regency.

Asian Agri Head of Sustainability Operations & CSR Welly Perdede said that another aim of the Sekolah Sawit Lestari Program is to support sustainability of the national palm oil industry, through knowledge sharing with students.

“Through the program, students are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge about palm oil management, beginning with the preparation stage, seed planting and plant maintenance, to the best ways to harvest palm oil,” Welly said.

Asian Agri received appreciation expressed directly by the Labuhan Batu Selatan Regency Vice Mayor Kholil Jufri Harahap.

According to Kholil, the Sekolah Sawit Lestari Program is very good as it increases the younger generations’ insight as well as interest in working in the palm oil industry.

“I am deeply appreciative to the Sekolah Sawit Lestari program initiated by palm oil companies. I hope that the program acts as both a lesson as well as an extracurricular activity within schools, to enhance students’ awareness about the environment, particularly within the palm oil industry,” he said.

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