“ (1)

My highest appreciation for the Asian Agri 2030 initiative. It is imperative for leading companies to start creating a roadmap toward a sustainable company today and 2030 is an important year because that is the year when the 2030 SDGs are set to be achieved, even if only partially.

Bambang Brodjonegoro

FORMER Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology/Chairman of the National Research and Innovation Agency 2016-2019/Minister of Finance 2014-2016

“ (1)

Asian Agri 2030 is an excellent move to support the UNSDGs and deserves appreciation. Hopefully more companies will take a page out of Asian Agri’s book.

Bayu Krisnamurthi

Deputy Minister of Agriculture 2009-2011/Deputy Minister of Trade 2011-2014

“ (1)

For us, Asian Agri 2030 is a breakthrough. We hope that other companies will do the same.

Dr. Ir. Musdalifah Machmud, M.T.

Deputy II at the Ministry of Economic Affairs

“ (1)

Asian Agri is the first palm oil company to give its commitment toward beyond sustainability practices and SDG’s targets as well as carbon neutrality by 2030. Other companies are hoped to follow suit, both those in the palm oil plantation sector and outside, so that Indonesia can achieve the SDGs and zero carbon emission target by 2030.

Fadhil Hasan

Expert Staff to the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia

“ (1)

On behalf of the Directorate General of Plantations of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, as the Chair of the Executive Secretariat of the RAN KSB, I give my highest appreciation to the Asian Agri Group for the launch of Asian Agri 2030 with its 4 pillars for the establishment of a sustainable oil palm industry in line with the indicators for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ir. Dedy Junaedi, MSc

Director for Plantation Produce Processing and Marketing at the Ministry of Agriculture

“ (1)

Development commitment that is based on the principle of sustainability has been the foundation of a number of initiatives by various stakeholders across different sectors. The same can be said for the strategic plan of Asian Agri 2030.

Imam El Marzuq

Senior Manager of Global Community Outreach & Engagement RSPO

“ (1)

FORTASBI fully supports Asian Agri 2030. We will continue to maintain collaboration with Asian Agri to ensure that the targets set can be achieved.

Rukaiyah Rafiq

FORTASBI Board of Management

“ (1)

Asian Agri proves itself as a pioneer with its Asian Agri 2030 initiative, ahead from other companies that currently remain in their comfort zone. Their relationship with smallholders is key to the success of this initiative.

Sahat Sinaga

Executive Director of GIMNI

“ (1)

Asian Agri is a pioneer in its advocacy for sustainable palm oil, especially in the plantation sector, and its partnership program with plasma and independent smallholder.

Fitrian Ardiansyah

Global Envoy for Nature-based Solutions and Country Director for Indonesia and Malaysia of IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative

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